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Anyone who has chased the elusive one-hole group at any distance knows that every shooter has his own approach and that no two rifles are the same. Setpoint Ammunition is the first mass-customized precision ammunition available to long-range precision shooters. Multiple projectiles and powder types and infinite variables in bullet seating depth and ultra-precision weight-measured powder charges mean you can have the round for YOUR needs, YOUR rifle, YOUR shot.

PICK A BULLET: Bullets vary in weight, length, shape and construction and each delivers a unique performance characteristic. Determine your bullet based on desired end use, experimentation, manufacturer information and the descriptions found here.

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The 175 SMK combines heavier mass weight with a high BC for superior down range performance. G7 BC=.243
HPBT Target
The hybrid match blends two shapes within the nose, a bearing surface and tangent ogive which make the bullet less sensitive to seating depth. G7 BC = 0.247
Hybrid Target
The Lapua Scenar HPBT provides low drag and a superb BC. These bullets deliver superb performance at long ranges and benchrest shooting. G7 BC = .236
HPBT Target
The pronounced boattail design provides efficient flight characteristics over a wide range of velocities. G7 BC 0.213
HPBT Target
The lighter weight thousand yard specialty Match King. G7 BC=0.229
BT Target
This hunting bullet design offers extraordinary, accuracy and devastating terminal performance on game.
BT Hunting
Designed specifically for tactical applications. Excellent stability at Transonic & Subsonic Velocities. For 1 in 13" Twist or faster. G7 BC = .259
HPBT Tactical
The Nosler 165gr AccuBond offers reliability and accuracy, near or far. Law Enforcement bullet, G7 BC 0.228
Has extra long tangent ogives, for a combined advantage of high BC & they are easier to make shoot than bullets with a secant ogive. G7 BC = 0.283
BT Target
Bergers 155.5gr Fullbore can be shot from short to long range making them a flexible option. G7 BC = 0.237
BT Target
VLD (Very Low Drag) match grade bullets have the highest possible BC designed for 300 yards+. Less affected by wind & expand rapidly on impact. G7 BC = 0.225
VLD Hunting
PICK A CASING: Two case selections are currently available. Winchester brass is good quality and will yield good results. Choose the enhanced quality of Lapua brass for specialized target, tactical, or hunting situations that require super precision rounds.

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Consistent cases great for target, tactical, or hunting.
For specialized target, tactical, or hunting situations that require super precision rounds.
PICK A PRIMER: We currently use Federal primer. Other choices are available and may be offered in the future.

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The GM210 is a high-quality primer used in most ammunition.
PICK A POWDER: We use Hodgdon Varget powder—a popular and proven choice for precision loaded .308 ammunition. Other powder options may be offered in the future.

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CHOOSE POWDER WEIGHT: The amount of powder measured in grain weight determines the velocity of your projectile. Variations in the powder charge affect accuracy. SAAMI specifications set limits on powder charges. Keep in mind, more or faster isn’t always better.

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Bullet Name
CHOOSE CARTRIDGE OVERALL LENGTH: Overall length can greatly affect accuracy and is primarily determined by the seating depth of the projectile. The throat of the barrel (the distance between the end of the chamber and the beginning of the rifling) is one factor in determining seating depth. Over time the throat of any rifle will experience wear. Decreasing seating depth which results in the bullet being closer to the lands of the rifling, even by as little as a few thousandths, can sometimes extend the life of a barrel as it wears.

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